"Hello guys. Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you for people who have been watching my videos over the last 3 years, it has been so great and such a confidence boost that people like what I make! I am forever grateful for all of you.

This is probably the biggest thing I have ever asked “strangers” and friends, and it took a bit of talking to by my mum and friends to actually do this.

As I said, I have actually been asked to edit some short films next year and have had other people asking me if I would be interested when they have any ideas. Of course this is the most amazing thing that has happened to me! I mean it is my dream to be able to go into this business and do something I truly LOVE and enjoy.

BUT, I won’t be able to do it if I do not get a new computer. I know you vidders will understand the effort that goes into vidding and then the disappointment when your laptop/computer crashes, it is terrible. Well that is what happens too me almost every time I make a video, hence the lack of videos from me lately, it stresses me out too much. Well, if I was to be editing film footage that is unedited.. can you just imagine the melt down my laptop will have? It just would not work at all. And it is only a small notebook laptop that I got off the University because I have dyslexia so it is not built for vidding.

Anyway, too the point. I was trying to work out my finances and see if I could afford it and there really is no way on this earth I can. I am a full time student with a one day a week job looking after Autistic children, so I earn just enough to get me to Uni and back, and my bills.

So what I am asking is if you would be up for leaving just a small donation, there are rewards, I make fanvideos for people as a thank you and I know that doesn’t seem like a good thank you but its all I have to offer.

Or another way you can help is to tweet this out or post it on your facebook, tumblr, what ever you want just to get it out there so people who like to sponsor this sort of thing will see it.

Here is the link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/editing-dream/x/5674672

I want to thank you all in advance for doing this, it really is helping me achieve my dream! -Elisha x”

Hard to beleive you’re from the same family


Once Upon A Time | Far From Home [2x08] Please Watch In HD


I have to do my OUAT ep video but I cant think of a song.

Does anyone have any in mind? I normally do Like Florence and The Machine, up beat sort of.

Also like this:


toschetizzy asked: "Hello there! I am very jealous of your gif-making abilities and was hoping you would consider (once you get to it in your rewatch cycle) perhaps capturing the part towards the end of 1x20 (The Stranger) when young August makes faces to distract baby Emma in their foster home? It's one of my favorite moments. Regardless, your blog is beautiful!"

Gosh thank you so so so much!!!

I have been very busy the last month or so and I probably will be busy till my holidays with Uni papers and such so I haven’t gifed as much as I wanted too.

But I will be gifing again soon! I will for sure do this for you! :D

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I am glad you like my stuff! :D